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New and improved designs. Made extra sturdy for playtime. 

These dragons are printed in our extra sturdy settings. These settlings have been tested in classrooms with preteens for 10 weeks at a time to test durability and survivability and passed each of these tests with no issues. These settings are designed specificly to make survivalble feedback figets for children who have ADHD or Autiusm. As a Teacher myself and someone with ADHD I got really frustrated with sensory feedback figets that would break easily and quickly, creating waste and wasting money. So we designed these settlings for our Whanau who come across similar struggles. We regually get feedback of these surviving being stood on, thrown across rooms, dropped on concreate floors. Like anything they will break eventually but they are as strong as we can physically 3d print them. 

These are made from NZ Sugar based bioplastic from Tokoroa. Made from 80% sugar, with all the carbon emitions from the plastic creation offset with tree planting inititives. This plastic can also be sent back to us at end of its life for melting back down into resuable 3d printing plastic - closing the loop.


Some colors are also avaliable in recycled plastic made from recycled drinkbottles. If you want this option send us a message to find out what colors we currently have in recycled drinkbottle plastic.


Printed in Auckland by our husband and wife team in our little studio. Thanks for supporting local New Zealand made and sustainable 3D printing. 


Designed by Cinderwing3D


Extra Sturdy - Baby Rose Dragon

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