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Our Story

Daniel - The Dragon Man.

I started Dragoncove3d in 2022. As a Digital Technologies teacher and Technology Specialist Department Team Leader at the time, I have a passion for teaching people about new technologies and upskilling my peers and students. During my time as a Digital Technologies teacher, I did a lot of research and investigation around how to implement environmentally responsible 3D printing practices into my school program as 3D printing traditionally has a high waste footprint. Now I spend much of my time teaching members of the public and school students about 3D printing and modeling, with a specific emphasis on environmentally sustainable printing practices while I transition to offering digital technologies professional development to schools. I have also been teaching Intermediate students to build video games for the last decade and we offer some after-school classes in this from our studio. 



My amazing wife came on board not long after I started. She runs the social media side of Dragoncove3d, as well as running and building the website you are currently viewing this on. A teacher as well, Sharrie has a background in Coding, Computer Science (she has won two scholarships in Software Development and Website Design) as well as a BA in Art History and Ancient History from the University of Auckland. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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